A More Disciplined Style of Residential Lending Gains Momentum

The residential mortgage industry has evolved greatly over the years, and steady change is still very much the norm. Even only a few short decades ago, most homeowners turned to local banks for the financing they needed to make home purchases.

Between the rise of nationwide banks and specialized lenders that focus solely on issuing mortgages, that style of borrowing has become something of an anachronism. With most home loans today being packaged up and sold on to others than the lenders who originate them, lending has taken on a very different character.

As a look at the career outlined at DustinDimisa1.wordpress.com/about will show, things are still evolving steadily, too. What the residential lending of tomorrow will look like precisely no one can say for sure, but certain developments suggest some likely possibilities.

Residential Lending is Becoming Even More Decoupled from Traditional Sources of Inflexibility

The lending professional whose history is detailed at the link above has moved through a fairly representative career path along the way. With undergraduate work equipping him with in depth knowledge of finance and business processes in general, he moved after graduation to take a post with one of the largest residential lenders of all.

Although Countrywide Financial eventually ran into some roadblocks, this expert’s work in its Full Spectrum Lending Division was productive from beginning to end. Particularly during a time when more buyers were searching for alternative sources of financing, finding ways of putting them in homes helped bolster the economy nationwide.

A More Committed and Thoughtful Approach to Residential Lending

Since then, he has since moved on to found and lead a new venture of his own. For over a decade now, InterContinental Capital Group has approached residential lending from a notably different angle than that embodied by giants like Countrywide Financial some years back.

With a dedication to transparency and responsibility informing every approval, the lender has become something of a benchmark for others in the industry and regulators alike. That disciplined approach to the business has enabled steadily growing loan volume that now regularly registers at $20 million or more each month, and without making any of the sacrifices that have sometimes been problematic for other lenders in the past.